You are only one tap away from winning things smart with Play Pointz

Complete your Play Pointz profile without leaving any blanks to receive a hassle free Play Pointz experience. It is mandatory that you fill your contact details with true and correct information as this data will be used to send you items that you’ve won on Play Pointz. 

If you ever faced any inconvenience while redeeming, claiming or receiving an item that’s because your details have not been added correctly. So go to your Personal Details page and complete all the boxes with correct information .

Here’s an example of how you are required to complete your Play Pointz profile.

  1. Full name – Your full name in your preferred order. This is required to confirm your identity on Play Pointz.  Eg: Saman Kumara
  2. User name – This will be the name displayed on your Play Pointz profile to identify you within the community. You can only use one user name so be creative and make it worth your while. Eg: SKumara
  3. Public email – This is the email that you currently use and can log in to whenever you want. You can only use one email and can’t change it whenever you want so be mindful! Eg:
  4. Date of Birth – Your birthday comes here! Eg: 1998.08.09
  5. House no/House name – In order for you to receive items you won, we need your current address correctly. This is where you fill the house number or name. Eg: 123/12 “Saumya”
  6. Street – Fill in the respective name of the street which you live in. Eg: Samagi Mawatha
  7. City – Add the city where you live in. Eg: Baddegama
  8. District – the District to which your city belongs. Eg: Galle
  9. ZIP code – this is a 5 digit number dedicated to your area by the postals. Eg: 80200
  10. Contact number – Your mobile number which we can use to contact you to send the items that you redeemed. Eg: 077-12345678

Use these tips to complete your Play Pointz profile today to avoid any disappointments!

Play to win with Play Pointz!

Have fun!!!

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