Buying things without money might be the new trend. Hop on to PlayPointz to experience it for real!

The all new PlayPointz play-to-win mobile app makes you claim things you always wanted to have but couldn’t in a smarter way. Here’s how it happens.

The PlayPointz store has a number of items worth thousands that could be redeemed by the points you collect by playing the games and quizzes that we have on deck. These items come with three display badges. And these badges depend on your recent activity on PlayPointz. 

  1. “Waiting” – This badge notifies that the item is still on active and that it is not yet redeemable. 
  2. “Active” – This badge denotes that the item is active and redeemable. Items can be redeemed on a first come first serve basis so the quicker you are the chances are that it’s yours. 
  3.  “Taken” – This badge denotes that the item is no longer available because it was redeemed by someone else before you.

Thus, PlayPointz is highly competitive so you need to stay alert to claim all your favorite goodies from PlayPointz, Collecting Pointz alone isn’t enough. Have fun and win everything you want!

Happy playing!

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